Typically orders are placed by calling the farm or filling out a google form.  When the order is received your name is then put on the list as a first come first serve basis.  When the crop is ready for harvest, we start at the top of the list.  We try to give several days notice when calling to schedule pickup.  **As with fresh produce there are sometimes when we are not afforded much notice (due to weather, crop yield etc.) and cannot give much notice.  We work hard to bring the best quality produce to you at the best time.  We ask that you bring your own boxe
s/crates for picking up your order as we reuse our crates to pick into.  Please be advised that wh
you pick up your order it is a farm fresh product and it should be taken care of in a timely fashion in order to get the most from it.

**Pre ordering is highly recommended**
Please click the link to place your order!!!!!

Available mid August through mid-late September
Regular Beefsteak Style
1/2 bushel - $12.00.       1 bushel - $24.00 
  Roma Style
1/2 bushel - $14.00.       1 bushel - $28.00 
Available late July / early August for orders
50 ears - $14.00.       100 ears - $28.00 
 Cucumbers 1/2 bushel - $12.00.       
Available August through September
1/2 bushel - $12.00.  
Available late July
1/2 bushel - $15.00.  
Red and White
1/2 bushel - $9.00.       1 bushel - $18.00 
Starting in late July for "free stones"
by the 1/2 bushel **Price to be determined** 
 Apples  by the 1/2 bushel **Price to be determined**
by the 1 bushel **Price to be determined**
 Winter Squash
Available in September
1/2 bushel - $9.00.       1 bushel - $18.00 
Sweet Potatoes
Available in September 
by the 1/2 bushel **Price to be determined** 
Available in September
by the 1/2 bushel **Price to be determined**